Volume 10 Number 3, December 2010
Muhammad Aslam Noor, Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din A New Approach for Solving Fifth-Order Boundary Value Problems
Alvaro H. Salas,Cesar A. G´omez S.,Jairo E. Castillo H. Symbolic Computation of Solutions for the General Fifth-order KdV Equation
L. Telesca, M. Lovallo Fisher Analysis of Dst Time Series
Y¨ucel C enesiz, Yıldıray Keskin, Aydın Kurnaz The Solution of the Nonlinear Dispersive K(m; n) Equations by RDT Method
Guoliang Cai, Lixin Tian, Juanjuan Huang Slow Manifolds of Lorenz-Haken System and its Application
Xuefei Peng, Wenwen Li, Meifeng Dai Relative Multifractal Analysis in a Probability Space