Volume 10 Number 1, August 2010
S A El-Wakil , M A Madkour ,M T Attia,A Elhanbaly, M A Abdou Construction of Periodic and SolitaryWave Solutions for Nonlinear Evolution Equations
Zoubir Dahmani1, Mohammed Mostefa Mesmoudi, Rachid Bebbouchi The Extended Tanh Method for Solving Some Evolution Equations
Guoliang Cai, Lixin Tian, Juanjuan Huang Slow Manifolds of Lorenz-Haken System and its Application
D.Srinivasacharya, J.Pranitha, Ch.RamReddy MHD and Radiation Effects on Non-Darcy Mixed Convection
Junxia Wang, Wenxia Wang, Wenzhi Yuan, Hui Yang Some Existence Results of Solutions for Fractional Initial Value Problem